Hello and welcome, I am Tommaso!

I am passionate about marketing, traveling and everything related to the digital world

  • Hi! This is me!

    Hi! This is me!

  • Interview with Fluentify

    Interview with Fluentify

Passionate in:

  • Career Coaching

    Career Coaching

    Helping young people to approach the business world for the first time. Helping them in reaching short and long term career goals.

  • Community Management

    Community Management

    Growing, nurturing and empowering online communities. They are the most powerful tool for crowdsourcing companies.

  • Traveling


    Have lived in 3 countries: Italy, Thailand and United Kingdom. Having visited 12 countries in 3 continents, I love meeting new people and discovering different cultures

  • Learning


    Love learning new things, taking online and offline courses, learning new memorisation and fast reading techniques and much more

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