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I help people find their dream job and companies find the best talents in the industry. | Traveler | Football Passionate | Food Connoisseur

Explore my professional work and education as a digital marketer.

The digital world has left me stunned by the impact you can have in the world.

I spent early mornings and late nights to get curious about the world of talents and how the world of work evolves in the digital and tech sector. Some of the things I achieved:

• Built the largest Italian End Customers Crowdsourcing community with over 100k + community members

• 3.5k+ people I have contributed helping with their career progression through

• 15 seconds (Or less), period of time I need to memorise a 20 digits number

• 10+ years of experience in the talent and staffing sector.

• 1 Business I have successfully created

My Skills

Career Coaching



Digital Marketing

Business Development

Growth Hacking


  • Not an MBA - Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services

    2018 - Present - Jolt.io

    Learning management, marketing and soft skills over 230 Hours on 36 Workshops, 29 Single classes, 6 Projects, 10 Mini-Courses.
  • Bachelor's in Public Relations and Corporate Communication

    2010 - 2013 - IULM University

    Graduated in the top 5% of the course considering mark and time of graduation. Second Class Degree 2:1

Work Experience

  • Principal Recruitment Consultant

    2022 - - 3Search, part of 11Investments Ltd - Present

    I help companies and talents in the Marketing Analytics, Data and Insight find each other. I advice candidates on best practices of CV writing and job interview techniques, supporting them up to the negotiation stage. I consult start-ups, scale-ups and established organisations in how to attract the best talents in the industry.
  • Founder and Career Consultant

    2012 - 2021 - iTalentJob Ltd - Present

    Created the iTalentJob brand from nothing, establishing the core value and our vision to help everyone we can to be happy and satisfied in their job. Helped 40+ clients find the job they needed for their next career stage
  • Crowdsourcing Best Practice and Marketing Director

    2015 - 2022 - Clariter Ltd

    Leading the Crowdsourcing Best Practice team of 10 passionate co-workers. Acquiring new community members through various marketing strategies. Acquired more than 100k crowders so far
  • Advanced Learning Techniques Mentor

    2017 - 2019 - Genius in 21 Days

    Taught students how to use a range of different learning techniques, including speed reading, fast memorisation, long term memorisation, mind mapping, relaxation and concentration, creativity.



Do you have all you need?

We believe the first thing you need to know if you are looking for a job during this difficult moment is…

You can do it and you are not alone!

It is true, this crisis is unprecedented in this century, but you are lucky…

We are in a digital world, that means that opportunities are everywhere, you can reach them all!


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